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Our Coaches

PremedHQ coaches were sitting where you are, not too long ago. PremedHQ’s coaching team is comprised of mentors who have received their educations from the most esteemed schools in the nation, such as:

Our team of award-winning coaches is at the core of our mission to create successful outcomes for you and your family. We chose this job because we truly love mentoring motivated students who remind us of our younger selves. To see our entire coaching team, and to learn more about us, click on the “Explore Our Coaching Team” button below.

  • Virali Shah
    Virali Shah
    Union College & Albany Medical College
  • Monali Ardeshna
    Monali Ardeshna
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Anish Patel
    Anish Patel
    Boston University
  • Abhishek Kumar, MD
    Abhishek Kumar, MD
    Founder of PremedHQ | UC San Diego School of Medicine & Duke University
  • Yusef Jordan, MD
    Yusef Jordan, MD
    Washington U School of Medicine in St. Louis & Harvard University
  • Stephen Bozier
    Stephen Bozier
    Warren Alpert Medical School & Brown University

Our Approach

It is never too early to join the PremedHQ family! We work with high school students from 9th-12th grade, ensuring they are prepared for both BS/MD programs and highly ranked undergraduate universities. We approach each grade level with a different set of coaching objectives. We also work with traditional undergraduates preparing for medical school.

9th & 10th Grade

We believe that starting early gives you an unmatched head start in becoming the most competitive candidate for your dream programs. In these early years, we get our students excited about medicine. We have our own special curriculum that will deepen your understanding of this noble profession. In addition, we maximize your academic performance, find you meaningful research and clinical activities, help you apply to summer internships and programs, and improve your writing skills, which will pay huge dividends down the road. An early start to exploring the field and gaining clinical exposure is key to success.

11th Grade

We understand this year is crucial and often very stressful. We will help you navigate your preparation for standardized tests, develop you as a leader in both medical and non-medical activities, help you complete your PremedHQ Capstone Project, and start selecting university programs for you to target. Finally, we will take on the arduous process of navigating your college and BS/MD essays early, so that the beast of a process ultimately becomes very manageable. With us by your side, senior year will be less of a doozy.

12th Grade

All of your hard work comes down to this moment. And a new challenge it is, indeed: you have to maintain your amazing GPA while also applying to many college, BS/MD, and scholarship programs. Furthermore, this is the year you will be cementing yourself as a leader in all activities you partake in. Not to worry- early on, we will create your application game-plan, manage deadlines, polish your essays in an iterative process involving multiple PremedHQ coaches, and transform you into an interviewing champion.

Our Excellent Results for the 2020/21 Application Cycle

BS/MD Acceptances


This year's PremedHQ graduates obtained a total of 124 BS/MD acceptances.

Ivy League Success

All 8

Collectively, our class of 2021 received acceptances to all Ivy League universities. Many of our coaches hail from Ivy League schools.

Average Scholarships


Our graduating seniors had an average top scholarship award of approximately $115,000.

Featured on Forbes


PremedHQ was honored by Forbes Magazine as a leader in medical education. We take pride in guiding America's future doctors since 2010.

BS/MD Success Rate


Among our BS/MD Ready Candidates, we had a success rate of 95% to BS/MD programs.

Students Served


In the past 12 months alone, PremedHQ's coaching, lectures, and free resources served over 390,000 students and families globally.

For the past 12 years, we have been leading the premedical and BS/MD admissions industry. We are proud to have provided both unparalleled admissions results and high-quality custom experiences for our clients.

Which programs do PremedHQ students now call home? Here are the universities and programs our students have been admitted to:

Elite 4-Year Universities

BS/MD (Direct Med) Programs

Our Commitment to the Medical Field

Since 2010, PremedHQ, Inc. has served as a trusted partner to aspiring medical doctors. As the foremost experienced and trusted mentors for America’s future doctors, we have a responsibility to give back to the medical field. PremedHQ contributes to this responsibility in two ways:



1.) We produce free resources through The PremedHQ Guide, which has been utilized by hundreds of thousands of high school and undergraduate premedical students across the world. These resources include over 170 video lectures for the MCAT, articles on high school success and premedical preparation, and webinars to guide and inspire America’s future medical doctors. We are proud to provide a widely-praised MCAT preparation resource, PremedHQ Science Academy, which has been viewed by nearly 3 million students.



2.) We provide 1-on-1 mentorship at no cost for premedical students who are economically disadvantaged or of low socioeconomic status (SES), and to premedical students who are members of a racial or ethnic group historically underrepresented in medicine (the American Association of Medical Colleges has defined the following groups as historically underrepresented in medicine: African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaska Native Native, or Hawaiian/Pacific Islander).


PremedHQ’s Diversity in Medical Education (DIME) initiative is a pro bono platform connecting premedical college students from underrepresented minorities in medicine, or disadvantaged backgrounds, seeking mentorship with current medical students and medical residents across the country. Forbes Magazine recognized PremedHQ’s efforts to better the medical field and honored PremedHQ as a leader in the medical education industry. Our team feels passionately about adding to the diversity of the medical workforce and fulfilling our role in tackling physician shortages in medically underserved regions of the United States. You can learn more about PremedHQ’s DIME initiative on our DIME website.

Why Us?

We love our job and have been doing it for over 10 years. With our personalized guidance, our clients have been profoundly successful, and more importantly, they have become more even excited about medicine. We charge less than other services and take pride in conducting our business honestly, ethically, and transparently. With us, you will have regular one-on-one attention with some of the most brilliant and compassionate medical professionals in America.


If any of this information piques your interest, please don’t hesitate to call us at (888)-350-5592, email us at or schedule a free consultation. We would be more than happy to jump on the phone and speak with you!