Our Approach

It is never too early to join the PremedHQ family! We work with high school students from 9-12th grade, ensuring they are prepared for both BS/MD programs and top-ranked undergraduate universities. We approach each grade level with a different set of coaching objectives. We also work with traditional undergraduates preparing for medical school.

9th & 10th Grade

In these early years, we get our students excited about medicine. We have our own special curriculum that will deepen your understanding of this noble profession. In addition, we maximize your academic performance, find you meaningful research and clinical activities, help you apply to summer internships and programs, and improve your writing skills, which will pay huge dividends down the road. We believe that starting early gives you an unmatched head start in becoming the most competitive candidate for your dream programs. An early start to learning about the field and gaining clinical exposure is key to success.

11th Grade

We understand this year is crucial and often very stressful. We will help you navigate your preparation for standardized tests, develop you as a leader in both medical and non-medical activities, help you complete your PremedHQ Capstone Project, and start selecting university programs for you to target. Finally, we will take on the arduous process of navigating your college and BS/MD essays early, so that the beast of a process ultimately becomes very manageable. With us by your side, senior year will be less of a doozy.

12th Grade

All of your hard work comes down to this moment. And a new challenge it is, indeed: you have to maintain your amazing GPA while also applying to many college, BS/MD, and scholarship programs. Furthermore, this is the year you will be cementing yourself as a leader in all of the activities you partake in. Not to worry- early on, we will create your application game-plan, manage deadlines, polish your essays in an iterative process involving a committee of PremedHQ coaches, and transform you into an interviewing champion.

Our Six Pillar Approach

  1. Academic performance:

    We coach our students to fine-tune their academic and standardized testing performance so they can study smarter, score higher, and have more time in their schedules. We guide them through advanced high school coursework, SAT/ ACT planning, and other academic opportunities outside of school.


  2. Time management:

    We channel our students’ limited time and energy into the highest-yield pursuits. Efficiency is key when pursuing competitive postsecondary options, and we help our students achieve the most with their time, ensuring they can spend more time on personal health, adequate sleep, exercise, and enjoyment throughout their journeys as students.


  3. Leadership capacity:

    We guide our students as they explore extracurricular activities and service projects, encouraging them to pursue leadership roles and start new initiatives that leave a lasting impact on their organizations. In addition to simply joining a club or volunteering at a charity, we help them bring in creative ideas and make a difference. We also mentor our students to develop a Capstone Project that creates a high impact in their local community, and frequently even at the national or international levels. Our students choose an issue of their interest, often related to medicine or public health, and design an innovative solution that they can readily implement. Many of our students’ projects have been recognized by prestigious awards and national media outlets, and our students frequently continue their work in college and beyond. The Capstone Project project helps our students stand out among the sea of competitive applicants by simultaneously demonstrating the student’s teamwork, dedication, service, and leadership.


  4. Clinical and non-clinical experiences:

    We strategically build our students’ portfolio of activities. We ensure our students obtain the longitudinal experiences necessary to develop their love for medicine. This also helps create a captivating and winning narrative during application time.

    A few examples of the experiences we help our students obtain include the following: physician shadowing (patient-centric volunteering in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and hospices), medical research, and/or summer enrichment programs.


  5. Communication skills (written & oral):

    We guide our students through weekly exercises, including medically-related reading and writing, to bolster the student’s understanding of key elements that contribute to a powerful essay narrative and voice.

    We create an environment in which the student can genuinely reflect on his/her communication and ultimately become more confident with his/her own inner and outer voice, while learning more about the field.


  6. Comprehension of the medical profession:

    We develop our student’s comprehension of the medical field on a consistent, long-term basis. Incorporated into our weekly mentoring sessions are discussions of the medical relevance of our student’s activities, assigned reading of medical narratives, sample medical school interview questions covering various topics within medicine, and discussions of recent developments in the healthcare field.

    We start this dialogue with our students at an early stage so that they can become informed participants in the healthcare community. By starting early, our students have time to develop a mature understanding of the medical field and feel comfortable conveying their insights and opinions to thought-leaders in medicine. This early work plays huge dividends in essay writing, interview preparation, and overall student development.

The PremedHQ Capstone Project

The PremedHQ Capstone Project focuses on leveraging our students’ leadership, communication, and teamwork skills to leave a tangible impact on those in need. We encourage our students to undertake an innovative role in solving an issue of their personal interest. Our students often choose an issue related to medicine, public health, or a personal hobby, and design a creative solution that they can readily implement. We teach students how to make sustainable, meaningful changes in their local community, and frequently even at a national or international level. Our students have founded numerous successful charitable nonprofits and student organizations, including fundraiser concerts, exercise classes for special needs children, physician lecture series, first aid training programs for volunteer health workers, food delivery programs for seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic, and technology literacy sessions for nursing home residents. Many of our students have been recognized by prestigious awards and national media outlets, and they frequently continue their projects well beyond high school.