Abhishek Kumar, MD

Dr. Abhishek Kumar, MD

Co-Founder of PremedHQ | UC San Diego School of Medicine & Duke University

  • PremedHQ Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Head Coach
  • UC San Diego School of Medicine
  • Duke University

Abhishek graduated from Duke University with a triple major in biomedical engineering, chemistry, and biology. In addition to being a published scientific author, Abhishek has a few years of experience working in data analytics specifically in the health care business sector.

At UC San Diego School of Medicine, Abhishek was elected class president and through his role he often collaborates with the administration to address the academic, professional, and social interests of his classmates. Abhishek has privately tutored MCAT material to over 40 students and has hundreds of hours of essay editing experience. Abhishek will provide you honest and actionable advice to improve your essays, resume, and interview skills.