Ankoor wearing gray suit with white shirt

Ankoor Talwar, MBA

Albany Medical College

Ankoor Talwar is a senior medical student at Albany Medical College. He is completing the Leadership in Medicine BS/MBA/MD Program (LIM) at Union College-Clarkson Graduate School-Albany Medical College. He completed a B.S. in Chemistry and Economics and a concurrent M.B.A. in Healthcare Administration. He is also pursuing an M.D. with Distinction in Research at Albany. Ankoor has various academic and personal interests. He has engaged in scientific research since an early age and has been published in a few notable journals. He has also pursued several medical internships outside the U.S. in Canada, England, the Netherlands, and Ghana. Ankoor is the co-founder of nonprofit organization Global Project Hope. Through this program, Ankoor and his peers engage in health and education support in underdeveloped areas. Ankoor has extensive tutoring experience, having been a college writing center fellow who has reviewed applications for jobs, internships, and study abroad programs. Apart from medicine, Ankoor has several other interests. He enjoys fitness and sports, and cheers on New York teams. In addition, he is an avid reader who enjoys works ranging from Tolstoy to Atul Gawande. He likewise enjoys writing and has been published in several magazines and newspapers, and is an author of a few children’s books. 

When completing the college application process, Ankoor applied to several BS/MD schools and was accepted into six of them: Union-Albany, Rice-Baylor, Hofstra, Penn State-Jefferson, Lehigh-Drexel, and Drexel-Drexel. Therefore, he knows the ins and outs of the BS/MD application process and the strategies to succeed. Ankoor is eager to work with all his clients!