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Dr. Vamshek Srinivasan, MD, MBA

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Internal Medicine Resident Graduate of Leadership in Medicine Program through Union College, Clarkson School of Business, & Albany Medical College

  • University of Michigan
  • Ann Arbor Internal Medicine Resident Graduate of Leadership in Medicine Program through Union College
  • Clarkson School of Business
  • Albany Medical College

Vamshek Srinivasan, MD, MBA, is an Internal Medicine Resident at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor, MI. He is a graduate of the Leadership in Medicine (LIM) BS/MBA/MD Program at Union College/Clarkson Graduate School of Business/Albany Medical College. He completed a B.S. in Chemistry and Psychology, graduating as Salutatorian of the Class of 2018, and a concurrent MBA in Healthcare Management. He graduated from Albany Medical College as an M.D. with Distinction and as a member of Alpha Omega Alpha. This year, he matched at the University of Michigan Residency Program for Internal Medicine.

Vamshek has various academic and personal interests. He spent 7 years doing health systems analysis research in Palliative Care, with publications in notable journals and several poster presentations around the country. He has also studied healthcare systems abroad in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Outside of academics, he enjoys playing several sports, including basketball, tennis, badminton, and ping pong. He is also an eager cook and loves to play videogames in his spare time.

When completing the college application process, Vamshek applied to, interviewed at, and was accepted into several BS/MD program, including Union-Albany, University of Illinois-Chicago, UMKC, and St. Louis University. As a PreMedHQ Tutor, Vamshek is looking to maximize the potential of the extremely talented student population looking to pursue a career in medicine. He has served as a tutor/mentor in various settings for the past 8+ years and is looking forward to building fruitful relationships with his students.