The PremedHQ Guide

Got a BS/MD Interview Invite? Here’s what to do Next!

First of all, congratulations! An interview for a BS/MD program is very difficult to obtain, so rest assured, you are a competitive applicant. Here are some tips to maximize your potential for success throughout the interview process.


Make sure you know the time and location of the interview. 


This ensures that you arrive early and aren’t stressing about the logistics of the interview, which should be the last thing on your mind. You have enough to think about. If you are in town the day before, visit the interview location beforehand to get a better idea of where you will be interviewing. That way you’ll know there won’t be any surprises the day of the interview. The day of the interview, make it a point to arrive early. You have enough to think about, and worrying about being late should be the last thing on your mind.


Do some research on the medical school. What’s special about this program?


Although you’ll likely be applying to many BS/MD programs, it is imperative that you do research on each individual medical school. Here’s what we think you should look for when researching:

  • Specific programs and disciplines at the undergraduate or medical school that might interest you

  • Campus location and nearby opportunities

  • Notable alumni and distinguished researchers associated with the medical school whose work you might be interested in

  • Research that the medical school has been involved with that catches your eye


This research will help you answer the question “Why did you apply to this specific BS/MD program?” It’s important to be specific when answering this question. Be able to explain what specifically about this particular school/program catches your interests and why. Thorough research will help you formulate a strong answer.


What is the interview going to be like, anyway?


Ascertain the interview format that the particular BS/MD program generally uses. This will ensure that you are not caught off guard when you begin your interview. Here are the formats that you can expect to see:


  • One-on-one interview- This is just your normal interview where the interviewer asks you a question and you provide a response.

  • Group Interview- The interviewer asks multiple people the same question and they each take turns answering. 

  • Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)Multiple interviewers will be waiting for you in different rooms. Each will ask you a different question. Question topics vary and can test anything from interpersonal skills to ethics. Each interview is done within a timed setting.


Prepare for specific interview questions


Prepare general responses to certain questions that are usually asked at the BS/MD interview, specifically questions that show why you are interested in medicine. Prepare answers to questions that are typically asked for the specific BS/MD program, as well as questions that all BS/MD programs usually ask. Here’s a few questions that could show up:

  • Why Medicine?

  • Why did you apply to this program?

  • Tell me about your extracurriculars

  • What kind of doctor do you want to be?


Aside from general questions, interviewers could also ask questions that require you to have done a little bit of research on what it’s like to be a doctor. Here are some examples of topics you might be discussing:

  • Medical ethics

  • Divisive medical issues such as abortion or euthanasia

  • The current healthcare system and health policy


These questions will help you demonstrate your thought process and your ability to think on your feet. Try to formulate your own opinions on each of these topics. Simply having a solid, educated stance on the state of current affairs in medicine will help interviewers see how much you really care about medicine and how this will make you a successful doctor.


Here is a comprehensive list of BS/MD interview questions.


Remember to practice interviewing with others, or practice your responses in front of the mirror. This will drastically change your confidence levels and make your interview a lot smoother. Make sure that your answers do not appear rehearsed.


If you follow these guidelines, we’re confident that you’ll shine during your interview. Be sure to read our other articles to ensure you can secure the BS/MD interview invite! Good luck!