Our Team

PremedHQ coaches were sitting where you are, not too long ago. PremedHQ's coaching team is comprised of mentors who have received their educations from the most esteemed schools in the nation, such as:

Brown Alpert Medical School
Stanford Medicine
Feinberg School of Medicine
UC San Diego School of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Yale University
PennState College of Medicine

Our team of award-winning coaches is at the core of our mission to create successful outcomes for you and your family. We chose this job because we truly love mentoring motivated students who remind us of our younger selves. To see our entire coaching team, and to learn more about us, click on the "Explore Our Coaching Team" button below.

Virali Shah

Dr. Virali Shah, MD, MBA

A man wearing black suit and white shirt smiling

Dr. Vamshek Srinivasan, MD, MBA

A man wearing black suit and white shirt smiling

Dr. Steven Maksymowych, MD

A lady wearing blue suit and smiling

Madeleine Kilimnik

A man wearing blue suit and white shirt

Anthony Medvedev

A girl wearing black on white dress

Stuti Garg

Shadman Chowdhury wearing gray suit

Shad Chowdhury, Founder

Ankoor wearing gray suit with white shirt

Ankoor Talwar, MBA