Premed Coaching (Prior to 11th Grade)


At PremedHQ, we recognize that every student’s needs are unique, especially when it comes to navigating your high school career. Throughout the past 13 years of coaching, we have learned that some students may need more attention with securing clinical opportunities, whereas other students may benefit from our guidance in developing a Capstone Project. For this reason, our coaching model and approach for students under 11th grade differs greatly from our intensive all-inclusive approach that we have for our 11th-grade and rising senior students.

How It Works

In your initial consultation, our team will explore your current portfolio, needs, and growth opportunities on your BS/MD journey. From there, you will meet with a founder of PremedHQ (who has 13 years of BS/MD admissions coaching experience), on an as-need basis to help you secure your goal. With our flexible coaching plans for students in these early stages, you can register for a stand-alone session of coaching and address any topic that is relevant to you.


Services Offered

Receiving sound guidance, especially early on, gives our students an unparalleled competitive advantage on their BS/MD admissions journey. In these early stages, every student's needs are unique. We can maximize your academic performance, find you meaningful research and clinical activities, help you apply to summer internships and programs, and improve your writing skills. 

As you approach 11th grade, we will help you navigate your preparation for standardized tests, develop you as a medical and non-medical activities leader, help you complete your PremedHQ Capstone Project, and start exploring universities and BS/MD programs for you to target.

Meet Our Experienced Professional Coaches

Virali Shah

Dr. Virali Shah, MD, MBA

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Dr. Vamshek Srinivasan, MD, MBA

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Dr. Steven Maksymowych, MD

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Madeleine Kilimnik

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Anthony Medvedev

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Stuti Garg

Shadman Chowdhury wearing gray suit

Shad Chowdhury, Founder

Ankoor wearing gray suit with white shirt

Ankoor Talwar, MBA