Praise from our students and families

At PremedHQ, every member of our team strives to create an exceptional experience for the students and families that we guide. From the moment that you join PremedHQ, you will have a team working with you to ensure that the journey we embark on together is both enjoyable and fruitful for your future doctor.

Every year, our team is delighted to receive praise for the guidance we provide. We are proud to share some of our most recent testimonials from the students and families who have worked with us in past application cycles:

My experience with PremedHQ was mostly positive. My journey towards the first step in my medical career was definitely made easier, however, I do wish I was given more assistance in areas such as essays. My coach was very helpful in providing assistance developing my EC portfolio as well as helpful in confirming my choices in University programs I selected. He gave great reassurance to whatever choices I did make and gave suggestions for programs to add to the list or programs to consider removing. I received great help from not only my coach but the PremedHQ staff in general with the interview process which I believe made me a far better communicator. At the beginning of the process I barely had a grasp on MMI interviews but in the end felt quite proficient in them and also was able to secure an acceptance to a BS/MD program with such an interview. My coach also provided great advice on how medical school and undergrad works in a BS/MD program, some info on how the medical field functions based on his knowledge and experiences, as well as tips on how to better succeed in undergrad and medical school.


Student from Marietta, GA
Class of 2021

I had an amazing experience with PremedHQ. My coach was instrumental in helping me develop my knowledge of and interest in medicine through the articles he would share with me every week. Moreover, he helped guide me through forming my capstone project and building upon the activities I was already involved in. Whether it was helping me brainstorm, giving me ideas, or asking me how I thought I could improve, my coach always pushed me to do better. In addition to strengthening my portfolio of extracurricular activities, he also helped augment my writing skills. We would often do practice essays and work through series of edits in order to better prepare me for summer program and college applications. When working through the actual essays for such programs, my coach’s feedback was always crucial to helping me form the best final essay I could. Finally, my coach was an incredible asset during the interview process. I could also go to him for tips about a specific program’s interview style or how to conduct my myself for each interview. Moreover, the practice interview sessions we did during our own weekly calls on top of the sessions with the PremedHQ staff were invaluable for bolstering my confidence and finalizing my answers for the real interviews. Overall, I am extremely grateful for my coach and the PremedHQ team.

Student from Ellicott City, Maryland
Class of 2021

I think most of the guidance that I had during my high school experience came from PremedHQ. I believed that I had the abilities to enter into a BS/MD program, and the Premed HQ program/mentors helped organize my high school experience, giving clarity throughout the journey. My initial coach helped me formulate ideas for my extracurricular portfolio, gave me insight into studying habits to excel in my academics, and provided me with guidance at every part of my 3-year journey. My second coach aided me in developing my application portfolio (including my essays) and practicing my interviews. Both played a very large part in my success, and I could not thank the PremedHQ program enough for helping me achieve my dreams of becoming a physician. I believe I was one of the youngest participants to join PremedHQ (starting in the beginning of my freshman year), so four years with my coaches proved invaluable to not only my acceptances to BS/MD programs but also to my development as a human being and a future health professional.

Student from Richardson, Texas
Class of 2021

PremedHQ has truly helped me with the BS/MD and DO applications and interview process. Going into this rigorous application process, I was definitely overwhelmed. However, my coach  was very easygoing and friendly and did a really good job providing advice and making this process less stressful. My coach took time out of her schedule to really get to know me and how to reflect myself throughout my applications. She was very attentive to my needs and was not afraid to give honest feedback when it came to my essays, giving me more insight on what I had to work on. As for the interview process, the PremedHQ staff were very helpful and prepared me well for the interviews. The mock interviews from several PremedHQ coaches were very thought out and organized and they were all very honest with their feedback. They prepared me for all different style questions and how to approach them in a more professional and ethical perspective. Additionally, as a student who didn’t have much knowledge on BS/MD programs, PremedHQ had a plethora of resources tailored to the BS/MD process which were very helpful. Overall, I had a very good experience and would definitely recommend this program to my friends!

Student from Nesconset, New York
Class of 2021

PremedHQ has helped me tremendously. My coach played an integral role in my extremely successful application cycle. Here’s some of the amazing stuff he did for me:

  1. He never forced me to do anything, and he always maintained an open mind. I believe many coaches would be taken aback by a student spending so much time on a nonclinical/medical extracurricular activity. For me, that activity was violin. Even though playing violin is not your traditional medical related activity, my coach helped me brainstorm ways to connect music with medicine. Sure, I sacrificed focusing on formal shadowing experiences (I only had about 30 total hours), but I ended up having something really unique to my application. Many of my interviewers–traditional and BS/MD–chatted with me extensively about my musical background.
  2. He was a fantastic essay reader. He always gave me quality constructive criticism, and again, he maintained an open mind to some of my less traditional ideas. I went through nearly 20 drafts of my personal statement with him, spanning three different topics, before finally settling on my finished product. He gave my why medicine essay the same level of attention to detail, resulting in an essay that some of my medical school interviewers would specifically praise and comment on.
  3. He provided general advice: how to cold-email professors, how to email interviewers, how to ask for recommendation letters, how to interview, etc.
Student from Blue Ash, Ohio
Class of 2021

PremedHQ’s coaching model, our unlimited package, truly delivers! The coach, a current MD student, provides dedicated, comprehensive, and personal attention to my daughter’s 10+ BS/MD program applications. He is basically a phone call away whenever my daughter has questions or needs some advice/guidance on all sorts of areas including personal statement, essays and interview preparation. I am very happy and grateful that my daughter has received 8 interview invitations, and I am pretty sure she would probably not be able to achieve that without PremedHQ’s coaching. I highly recommend PremedHQ and believe I made the right and timely investment in their excellent and quality coaching service.

New Jersey

The incredible thing about PremedHQ was they were able to accommodate my child’s hectic schedule, whether it was late evenings or early mornings. It was more of a support network and really helped my child thrive during the admissions process. It was not just consultation, but beyond that it reduced stress for our whole family.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Our coach was very good. We are pleased to say that he really prepared our child to be confident in the interview. He is really passionate about his work. He replies to any questions that we have had, and he always keeps us in the loop throughout the BS/MD process. We are happy with his help and would gladly refer others to  PremedHQ.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My experience with Premed HQ was extremely helpful and impactful. My coach was genuinely dedicated to helping me succeed and achieve my goals. The main component of coaching that was most beneficial was revising my essays. My coach and I went through tens of drafts for my essays which not only produced better pieces, but also made me a better writer. I also relly appreciated the interview process, as it was my first formal introduction to interviewing. I learned how to answer questions concisely and how to carry myself during an interview. Overall, the coaching experience has helped me in ways that will pay off well into my future.

Student from Edgewater, Maryland
Class of 2021

PremedHQ did a good job of overall essay reviews and preparing my son for BS/MD programs. Our coach did a good job of multiple reviews and providing advice for building strong essays. Coach was easily available throughout process and reviewed essays for all colleges. They need to provide more help on other promised items like providing help on finding research opportunities, clinical experience, medical interview prep, etc.

Allentown, Pennsylvania

PremedHQ was an invaluable resource in my college applications journey. I truly believe that without their help, I could not have had the success I did in my college applications. My mentor was so helpful! We really connected on a personal level. One of the main reasons I really liked working with my coach was that he really made the effort to get to know me. Over time, he became more than just my mentor; he became my friend. I could not have asked for better coaching and guidance in my journey. The interview preparation process was very smooth. All of the coaches were experts, I improved on every mock interview. All in all, when it comes to a child’s college success, PremedHQ is the best place to start!

Student from Pearland, Texas
Class of 2021

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We hope to bring your family the excellent experience and results that we at PremedHQ pride ourselves with. If you would like to speak with a family who has recently worked with PremedHQ, we would be happy to provide you with references who will share their recent experiences of having our guidance. We have been trusted partners for students and families since 2010, and we look forward to providing an amazing service and experience for your family.