Praise from our students and families

At PremedHQ, every member of our team strives to create an exceptional experience for the students and families that we guide. From the moment that you join PremedHQ, you will have a team working with you to ensure that the journey we embark on together is both enjoyable and fruitful for your future doctor.

Every year, our team is delighted to receive praise for the guidance we provide. We are proud to share some of our most recent testimonials from the students and families who have worked with us in the 2018 application cycle:

PremedHQ has been a tremendous help during the BS/MD program application and interview process. As a student with minimal knowledge about these guaranteed medical programs, I truly benefited from PremedHQ’s resources and sessions with coaches to find out more about these programs and narrow down the schools I wanted to apply to. Since most of the coaches and staff at PremedHQ are in the medical field and many have gone through the BS/MD application process, the coaches impart a wealth of information and experiences to the students to aid them through their own college journey.

Though I switched coaches during the middle of college application season, PremedHQ was incredibly attentive to my needs and facilitated the transition between coaches so that I could still receive the advice and feedback for all my essays. My coach is a wonderful coach who truly cares about his student’s success. His ability to understand the student’s experiences and perspectives and help the student realize how to put his/her thoughts into words is unparalleled. Essay-writing is clearly one of my coach’s strengths, and he was able to help me articulate my views so that I could write a coherent, compelling essay. The interview preparation process was also aided by PremedHQ’s coaching and mock interviews with several of the PremedHQ staff. By having several mock phone-call interviews with different interviewers each time over the course of a month, I was really prepared come interview day, and several of the questions the mock-interviewers asked made a reappearance during the actual interview! The coaches and staff are not afraid to give real, constructive feedback, and obtaining advice and tips from a diverse group of interviewers gave me a more well-rounded picture of what I needed to work on. Overall, PremedHQ has given me invaluable advice and guidance throughout the application and interview process, and I am incredibly grateful for their services.

Student from New York
Class of 2018

PremedHQ’s coaching model, our unlimited package, truly delivers! The coach, a current MD student, provides dedicated, comprehensive, and personal attention to my daughter’s 10+ BS/MD program applications. He is basically a phone call away whenever my daughter has questions or needs some advice/guidance on all sorts of areas including personal statement, essays and interview preparation. I am very happy and grateful that my daughter has received 8 interview invitations, and I am pretty sure she would probably not be able to achieve that without PremedHQ’s coaching. I highly recommend PremedHQ and believe I made the right and timely investment in their excellent and quality coaching service.

New Jersey

The incredible thing about PremedHQ was they were able to accommodate my child’s hectic schedule, whether it was late evenings or early mornings. It was more of a support network and really helped my child thrive during the admissions process. It was not just consultation, but beyond that it reduced stress for our whole family.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Our coach was very good. We are pleased to say that he really prepared our child to be confident in the interview. He is really passionate about his work. He replies to any questions that we have had, and he always keeps us in the loop throughout the BS/MD process. We are happy with his help and would gladly refer others to  PremedHQ.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My coach and PremedHQ’s other coaches were all very approachable and helpful. I received great guidance with my essays and saw significant improvement in my writing. My coach provided timely and useful feedback regularly as I worked through my applications. I also received good advice on my college options. While I hoped to receive help on other aspects that we had discussed, overall, I had a very good experience.

Student from New Jersey
Class of 2018

PremedHQ did a good job of overall essay reviews and preparing my son for BS/MD programs. Our coach did a good job of multiple reviews and providing advice for building strong essays. Coach was easily available throughout process and reviewed essays for all colleges. They need to provide more help on other promised items like providing help on finding research opportunities, clinical experience, medical interview prep, etc.

Allentown, Pennsylvania

My experience with PremedHQ was extraordinary. My coach truly took the time to learn about why I wanted to pursue medicine and what my aspirations for the future were. Rather than simply giving me a template essay to edit, he lead me through the time-consuming process of reflecting on my own experiences and composing an essay that was uniquely mine. Throughout the process, I gained a better understanding of myself and even developed a deeper resolve to pursue medicine. My coach was always available to answer any questions or doubts that I had, even the night before the interview. I developed a positive interview-going mindset that enabled me to conquer my fears and truly express my passion for medicine. I was fortunate to be admitted into a number of top BS/MD programs and universities. It would not have been possible without the guidance of PremedHQ. Even after I was admitted into these programs, my coach took several hours to guide me through the decision making process and his insight was invaluable.

Student from Texas
Class of 2018

I am glad to have had  my coach. He is a wonderful person, and he and the other coaches at PremedHQ really helped me in the BS/MD process, from essay editing to interview prepping. When it came to my essays, he always gave me feedback — both good and bad — on them. Despite being a busy person, he always made sure to look over them thoroughly, and he made time to talk to me every week about them, addressing any concerns I had. Additionally, he encouraged and helped me put my true voice in my essay, which is something that I always had difficulty in doing. As for interview prepping, he and the other coaches were helpful in giving me feedback on my responses. They thoroughly prepared me for all types of questions I would potentially receive, from “Why Doctor?” to ethical scenarios. Before I had my coach, I was really nervous about the BS/MD application process. However, my coach helped me boost my confidence, and I really appreciate all of his help.

Student from California
Class of 2018

Trusted partners for your family

We hope to bring your family the excellent experience and results that we at PremedHQ pride ourselves with. If you would like to speak with a family who has recently worked with PremedHQ, we would be happy to provide you with references who will share their recent experiences of having our guidance. We have been trusted partners for students and families since 2010, and we look forward to providing an amazing service and experience for your family.