What Are the Texas BS/MD Programs?

There are seven different BS/MD programs (also known as combined undergraduate/MD programs) available to Texas residents. The first two programs (Baylor and Rice) are located in Texas, but available to all US citizens. The remaining five programs are for Texas residents only. This gives you a unique advantage, because you are competing against a smaller applicant pool.


Baylor University/Baylor College of Medicine

Rice University/Baylor College of Medicine

Texas A&M University/Texas A&M College of Medicine

Texas Tech University/Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley/Baylor College of Medicine

University of Texas at San Antonio/University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio

Various Undergrad Schools/U of Texas Medical Branch

How Is the Application Process Different?

Applying to Texas BS/MD programs is slightly different from applying to most BS/MD programs. For most colleges and BS/MD programs, you will be submitting your college applications through the Common Application service. However, when applying to Texas schools, you will need to submit your applications through the Apply Texas service, which is a college application service unique to the state of Texas.

In addition to submitting your essays and application to undergraduate colleges through the Apply Texas application service, most BS/MD programs will require you to submit an additional application and essays to the medical school. Here is an example of the University of Texas Medical Branch’s supplementary application for the medical school: https://som.utmb.edu/Summer_Enrichment_Programs/EMSAP/EMSAP_Application_HSwriteable.pdf

So let’s take a look at this application. You’ll notice they ask for much of the same things as the undergraduate college application would ask (grades, test scores, describe your extracurricular activities). However, this application also asks questions to assess your health related experiences and your interest in the medical field. One question asks to describe your “health-related experiences”, while another question asks to discuss your leadership (a very important quality for the medical field). You will also notice this application has a question about “the benefits of EMSAP, and interest in a career in medicine”.

To decide on the handful of students who receive an interview invitation, the admissions committee will look for the absolute best responses to these essay questions from the several hundred applicants. That’s why it is imperative to have exceptionally thought out responses that demonstrate your maturity and insight into the medical field.

If you are a Texas student in 11th grade, you can get a head start on the application process by creating your Apply Texas account and looking over the essay questions for each university. Remember though, you will most likely have to do an additional set of essays for the medical school, which isn’t always publicly available.

How PremedHQ Can Help

We work with Texas applicants every cycle, and successfully get them spots into the Texas BS/MD programs, top universities in Texas, and out-of-state programs as well. In our most recent application cycle, our clients enjoyed an acceptance rate of 93% to BS/MD programs. If you’d like to learn more about our BS/MD admissions coaching service, please take a look at our offerings by clicking here.

You can also give us a call directly at 1-(888)-350-5592, or click here to schedule a call complimentary 1/2 hour consultation session with us. We will discuss how we can help your student get accepted. We also have families from Texas that we’ve successfully coached in the previous years, and we are happy to provide them as references for you to speak with.

We look forward to helping secure your child’s future in the medical field.